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kampong kleang tour

Daily taxi Tours to Kampong kleang Floating Village

Lexus Car . highlander Car SUV , 7 seat Car , Mini van 12/15 Seat 

Daily privat car taxi driver , Mini Van and tour guide to kampong kleang floating in siem reap , we are offer daily taxi tour to kampong kleang village , please check the tour with us

 + car taxi driver to kampong floating 

 + car taxi driver to kampong pluk floating

+ car taxi driver to chong kneas floating

+ taxi driver to mechrie floating village

 transportation  tuk tuk  car taxi  7 seat car  mini van
 kampong kleang     45$   55$  55$
 kampong pluk village  17$   30$   40$  40$
 Chong kneas village  15$    25$   30$  35$
 Mechrie village  17$   30$    40$  40$


If you interest our taxi driver and tour guide to kampong kleang floating village in siem reap , please contact to us we happy to your driver and tour guide all the time 


whatsapp +85577961370

Phone Number  +85577961370

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