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My name is Dean a private car taxi from siem reap to be treed cambodia adventure in thnot mountain in preah vihear vihear province , Cambodia . my car taxi still avaiable booking from siem reap to be treed adventure in preah vihear province with me , please contact to me more tourist information .

For this trip we spent two day for one night to be treed adventure cambodia .if some one like wildlife and nature trip please contact to me i am happy to tell you as soon as i can ,,,

  we are leave from siem reap on 6:30 am to be treed cambodia adventure , on the ways we can visit prasat koh ker temple we can leave from koh ker temple after luch we direct to phnom thnot mountain or be treed cambodia , we chich in adventure house after we treck around visit some wildlife and dinner , next morning after breakfast we visit wildlife again and walking around mountain ( lunch ) after luch we are going to visit prasat preah khan temple and back to siem reap city .. 

you booking guest house / foods / tours with me

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whatsapp +85512454183 .

phone +85512454183 , +85593454183

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