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cambodia private taxi driver

Cambodia Private Taxi driver

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My name is Sey Tho Called Dean , I'm a private tuk tuk , car taxi , mini Van and tour guide to angkor wat temple in siem reap and optional tour guide in siem reap , My hevicle such local tuk tuk , Car Lexus RX 300 , Car Highlander SUV , 7 Seat SUV , mini Van 12 seat and 15 seat ( Full safety Seat Belt ) you can booking car taxi and tour guide or Can booking Car and mini Van without tour guide to angkor wat temple and trip around Cambodia ..cambodia private taxi driver , siem reap private taxi driver

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My name is Daro i am a car taxi driver and mini Van driver around phnom penh tourist attraction and car taxi trip around Cambodia , always i am driver from phnom penh to siem reap , taxi from siem reap to phnom penh and phnom penh airport , i am offering daily transfer from phnom penh to other city such phnom penh to siem reap / phnom penh to kep and kampot , phnom penh to sihanoukville , phnom penh to battambang . You Can booking transfer around Cambodia !

 I am Dean and Mr Daro are the best friend , we are the private car taxi driver in Cambodia , we got more than 10 years experience with working tourist in siem reap , phnom penh and trip around Cambodia . but we just have got our website or onlin biz ,, please check us for your holiday and trip around Cambodia , we happy to be your driver all the time ..

 Our tour and transfer and transportation still available if you interesting our service please contact to us we happy happy to be your driver and tour guide all the time in Cambodia .. we just confirm to all tourist please don't give our phone number to the hotel for contact to us because the hotel they never call to us , they will be tell you this phone number can't contact / driver busy , wrong number , driver don't pick up calling ..

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whatsapp +85577961370

Phone Number  +85577961370

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